Hydro-clean LDS-S
Hydro-clean LDS-S is mainly used for power components, micro-mechanical components after welding PCB cleaning and PCB before coating. Special filtration system of high flow, closed loop or open loop which could be set up by software;First rinsing system and secod rinsing system are completely independent. There are two models available: the Hydro-Clean LDS-S1 with single-frame capacity and the Hydro-Clean LDS-S2 with double-frame capacity.

Cleaning Application :

  Removing all kinds of solder residues

  Cleaning of micromechanical component

  Removing contamination from handling and board manufacturing ,FOD

  Cleaning highly populated electronic assemblies with low standoff, such as:FC,BGA,CSP,BTC,QFN,MELF

  Cleaning power component

  Cleaning sensitive electronic component

  One side misprints on complex assembly 

  Cleaning before conformal coating and wire bonding

Unique Advantage:

  Fully automatic spray-in-air closed loop zero drain system

  Linear direct spray achieve significant cleaning effect

  100% filtration of entire DI water

  Optional double rinse

  Hot air knife direct dry technology

  Glass door for deserving cleaning process

  Wide range of standard and customized PCBA fixtures

  Clamping for all types of stencils

  Fully isolated pipeline  ensure the cleaning effection

  Low consumption of chemicals and water