Hydro-clean Array
Unsurpassed cleaning, low cleaning agent consumption, high-efficiency drying, zero waste, ease of maintenance and minimum downtime all come together in the Hydro-clean ARRAY, a PCBA cleaning system. The Hydro-clean ARRAY is ideally suited to RMA and no-clean flux applications that require chemistry, as well as removal of water-soluble organic acid flux.


  Unique cleaning technology that penetrates under and around components and clean even the most challenging flux residues.

  Unique flow seal mechanism is set in the cleaning section, which can reduce consumption of cleaning agent by 50%.

  100% of DI water can be filtered through the closed-loop system, that achieves zero waste during the rinsing process. ( optional)

  Double chamber independent cleaning function ( optional)

  Efficient double drying function (infrared lamp + hot air circulation)  ( optional)

  Meet the cleaning requirements of lead-free processes

  The system is easy to assemble and separate, which reduces maintenance cost

  The design concept of the whole system is humanization, which displays the Real-time position

  Data logging and barcode scan to enhance and streamline production processes

  The inverter controlled pump and blower realize stepless pressure regulation with highly energy saving effect