Vacuum Heating Plate VTP200
VTP200 can be used for eutectic sintering of microwave component, microwave module and TR module. It can provide inert gas protection. LCD touch screen shows process parameters.


   Desktop integrated equipment

   Process environment: nitrogen protection

   3.5-inch resistive touch screen

   Chamber lid open and close: automatic and manual (optional)

   Observation window: glass window 70mm


   Maximum vacuum: 810-2mbar

   Heated area: 200mm200mm

   Clearance above heating plate50mm

   Maximum temperature:450

   Control accuracy: +/- 1

   Temperature uniformity+/- 1.5 % from the set temperature, within 180mm area

   The resistance heater is embedded in the heating plate, maximum effective power is 3KW, adopts area heating method.

   Temperature measurement: one temperature sensor inside the machine for system temperature measurement; one temperature probe for operator to do debugging