Pneumatic One Side Forming Machine PFL-1
The pneumatic one side forming system uses the P-5000 pneumatic press to avoid the instability caused by manual press. The system includes an adjustable frame cutter and one side forming mold. It can cut lead frame and forming most of flat packaged chips for different sizes. The system is cost-effective, suitable for small-bath and multi-varieties of production in institute and military field.


 Adjustable base

 Forming of 2-sided or 4-sided flat packaged components, and all dimensions can be adjusted

 Cut before forming

 Standard mold can be completed 2.5 inch long part forming, forming large mold can be completed within the 4.5-inch devices

 Adjustable stand-off height, shoulder width, lead thickness and bend radius

Forming Parameters£º

 Component body size£º4x4mm-64x64mm

 Stand-off height£º0-5mm

 Body to bend dimension£º0.8mm£¨Customizable£©

 Footpad length£º1.25£¨Customizable£©

 Radius angle£º0.2£¨Customizable£©

 Shear section burr ¡Ü 0.05 mm.