Pneumatic Double-side Forming Machine - PFL
PFL can form various two-side and four-side pack chips into gull-winged shape, meets different requirements of lead forming and cutting. The equipment is cost-effective and suits for multi-varieties and small-batch production, such as research institute and military unit.


   Chip ejector for easy access, avoid lead damage.

   Smooth mold surface minimizes the scratch of leads.

   Air pressure gauge and lighting

   Slight scratches on gold layer but no damage to the bottom material of leads after forming.

Forming Parameters£º

   Component body size£º4x4mm-64x64mm

   Stand-off height£º0-5mm

   Body to bend dimension£º0.8mm£¨Customizable£©

   Footpad length£º1.25£¨Customizable£©

   Radius angle£º0.2£¨Customizable£©

   Shear section burr ¡Ü 0.05 mm.