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Automatic Forming Machine APFL
Automatic forming system adopting a precision servo-electric press and an adjustable double-side mold, can form all kinds of flat packages (top lead chip, middle lead chip and bottom lead chip). High-precision forming is achieved through adjustable parameters.
Pneumatic Double-side Forming Machine - PFL
PFL can form various two-side and four-side pack chips into gull-winged shape, meets different requirements of lead forming and cutting. The equipment is cost-effective and suits for multi-varieties and small-batch production, such as research institute and military unit.
Pneumatic One Side Forming Machine PFL-1
The pneumatic one side forming system uses the P-5000 pneumatic press to avoid the instability caused by manual press. The system includes an adjustable frame cutter and one side forming mold. It can cut lead frame and forming most of flat packaged chips for different sizes. The system is cost-effective, suitable for small-bath and multi-varieties of production in institute and military field.
Fixed Mold Forming Machine PFL-FM
Fixed mold forming machine PFL-FM is suitable for large batch of components such as SOP/QFP molding, can be achieved at the top of the line, the middle line and the bottom line of the component molding cut. Equipment equipped with scanning gun, can quickly identify the core. Mold core replacement is simple, a mold core corresponding to a type of components molding.
Pneumatic Forming Machine PFL\DPAK
Pneumatic Forming Machine PFL\DPAK is desined for forming DPAK component with adjustable forming parameters,it can form component into gull-wined shape. The equipment preprocesses the component for the customer, makes component easy to assemble, it is equipped with the pneumatic die press, could provide the best precision and the consistency, completes the component at the same time and forming.
Pneumatic Omega Forming Machine PFL/OMEGA
For forming component lead into shapes
Pneumatic Bottom Lead Forming Machine PFL\BOTTOM
Specially designed for bottom lead component forming, the forming parameters are manually adjustable, multiple devices can be formed at one time
Through-hole Forming Machine THTF
Through-hole forming machine is mainly used in all kinds of aerospace axial component, the lead range can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the different needs of lead forming and lead cutting requirements; equipment for customers to do the pre-processing of axial component, easy to position, welding. The equipment is equipped with a display that shows the time of holding pressure in each direction, and the movement gap. It provides the best accuracy and consistency to complete the lead burr-free cutting.
Lead Reconditioning System LRS-1
LRS-1 can recondition component leads side by side. Improve the coplanarity and stand-off height. The coplanarity is able to achieve 0.05mm.
Applicable to component lead cutting before forming and lead cutting after forming.
Customized forming machine - CPFL
CPFL can form all kinds of QFP and SOP or any other metal or ceramic package chips. Different functions can be designed, such as two-side forming, four-side forming, simultaneous forming and cutting. The machine can be customized according to your requirements.
Applicable to SOP or QFP component lead cutting before forming
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