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Vapor SUI Clean
Cleaning after die bond; Cleaning of 3D package; Micro-standoff precisely cleaning SIP and microwave assembly cleaning; Cleaning before chip packaging; Cleaning before PCBA coating Cleaning electronic assemblies with low stand-off,such as: FC,BGA,CSP,BTC,QFN,MELF; Apply for assemblies of water-free cleaning Factory which dosent permit wastewater discharge;
Hydro-clean Array
Unsurpassed cleaning, low cleaning agent consumption, high-efficiency drying, zero waste, ease of maintenance and minimum downtime all come together in the Hydro-clean ARRAY, a PCBA cleaning system. The Hydro-clean ARRAY is ideally suited to RMA and no-clean flux applications that require chemistry, as well as removal of water-soluble organic acid flux.
Hydro-clean LDS
Removing all kinds of solder residues Cleaning of micromechanical components Cleaning contamination from handling and board manufacturing, removing FOD Cleaning highly populated electronic assemblies with low standoff such as BGA,CSP.BTC,QFN,MELF Cleaning of power electronics Electronic assemblies requiring extra short process time Second side misprints on complex assemblies Cleaning before conformal coating and wire bonding
Hydro-clean LTS
Hydro-clean LDS-S
Hydro-clean LDS-S is mainly used for power components, micro-mechanical components after welding PCB cleaning and PCB before coating. Special filtration system of high flow, closed loop or open loop which could be set up by software;First rinsing system and secod rinsing system are completely independent. There are two models available: the Hydro-Clean LDS-S1 with single-frame capacity and the Hydro-Clean LDS-S2 with double-frame capacity.
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